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May 24, 2010

Spring JavaConfig: redefining the Bean defination mechanism

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Spring core by default provides a whole range of options to wire the application and all of them are based on the XML approach.¬† But the XMLs are loosely types and can cause problems. Spring-JavaConfig provides a new approach to wire the whole application through java Classes only. It is strongly typed and much more powerful than the traditional approach. (more…)

April 2, 2010

JNLP: Delivering client-side Java¬†programs using browser

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Recently we made a swing application for one of our clients. It was meant to be just a tool for the APIs that we wrote for the client, to facilitate the business people to get a hand of the system. But now as with most of the projects the requirement changed. The UI that we made was meant to work over browser and should be available over intranet. This was a complete surprise for us, as now the application needs to be converted from Swing to Applet, which is a bit unstable as it gives its own set of security concerns.

Not feeling quite optimistic about converting the UI I started to look at options that can help us out to put desktop application on browser. It was then I started playing with Java network launch protocol(JNLP) and Java Webstart. (more…)