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July 1, 2010

Gigaspace Concepts: Space, Miror Space and Persistance

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I have been using GigaSpace for some amount of time now and I must admit the product seems to 99% there but for the rest you have to scratch your own itch. It offers quite a lot but also lacks some basic stuff like testing support.

Since there is no inherent testing support in the package so we tried to make a sort of solution by making the Space up in the test case, running it and then getting the data out in the test case.  While doing so we initially though we would require three things “the space”,  a “mirror space” which is proxy to the space and a “persistence” where the data can be pulled for assertion.

But actually we ended up using “space” and “persistence” only. (more…)

April 3, 2010

Spring:Classpath and the world of Classloaders

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A while ago I re-factored an existing application in a multi module maven project. These modules were being loaded into a Gigaspace container using spring. Gigaspace used multiple classloaders to load the applications at different levels. The re-factored the application was being assembled as dependent jars from one module to other, so I had different xml context files that were being imported using : (more…)