The road so far….

Who am I

My name is Rahul Sharma. I have been a Java developer from quite some time and I seem to love this work. I have tried some  other things but it  has not been that pleasant. I have tried sales but found it not my cup of tea and then I went for management and found it quite uninteresting, so I resort to the POJO world. I  love to develop software especially open source stuff. I have some contributions to a few open-source systems like  Crunch, Mahout, Neo4j, maven-lucene-plugin etc



  1. Hi Rahul,

    I ran across your blog today while looking for content for DZone’s Javalobby ( and was wondering if you would be interested in having some of your recent posts republished on our site. If so, please send me an email and I can give you some more info.


    Chris Smith

    Comment by Chris Smith — March 15, 2012 @ 10:46 pm

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