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December 15, 2014

Review : OpenShift Cookbook

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Sometime back I reviewed “OpenShift Cookbook” written by my friend Shekhar Gulati.I am tempted to write about it because it is a great cookbook which is aimed at people with no particular background. Openshift as a technology is not just for the enterprise but it is also for the developer if (s)he is learning new things or trying to build something for fun.

The book is completely applicable if you are comfortable with any of java, python or nodejs. Since it is a cookbook format, so for each of the listed tasks the author has listed down instructions with complete details on how to reach the intended goal. After the goal has been reached the author tried to explain whats working at the back( “how it works“). I think that is where the book is great at, as it helps you to understand how Openshift technology works. You could easily apply ticks learned in one part to other parts.

I will discuss the book further in the context of the table of contents.The book starts with 11 chapters covering different aspects of Openshift.

Chapter 1 : You can not skip this one, the chapter explains in well detail the complete platform and the offering.You set up your free account and learn the basics of Openshift.

Chapter 2 : If you are a developer like me then you can skip this as this one refers to paid aspect of domains.

Chapter 3 : The chapter can not be skipped at all as it explains how to trend on the platform. Creating and managing apps explains the platform offering with respect to day-today activities.

Chapter 4/5 : If your are DBMS guy then pick any one of them, which suits you the best. The chapters have good amount of recipes to explain the concepts which can be applied to any other DBMS.

chapter 6: For NoSql fans this one is to lookout for. Again the chapter lists recipes for complete day-to-day work, which can be applied to any other NoSql as explained the last recipe.

Chapter 7/8/9 : Take your pick. Be it java, python or nodejs the recipes list the complete features in good detail. Alternatively you could go through one chapter which will make you work with openshift in any of the supported languages, and for specific things like java-maven integration, or python-apache integration you could look for specific recipes.

chapter 10/11 : The chapters explain the devops tools offered from the platform. While developers can easily skip these chapters, but if some one is looking at how to start with the tools(jenkins/haproxy), the individual recipes are good starting point. For devops guys the chapter list complete details of where and how to look for the required info.

The book is filled up with code snippets which are available on Github @

Not only Openshift beginners this could be your tips and tricks books as this list down various handy things. This could be a developer book looking to experiment and learn new things or a devops book, looking to get some infra (jenkins/domains/databases) for some requirements.

In a nutshell this is a good comprehensive book to know what Openshift can offer.

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